In the southern region of Humboldt County is an endless coastline so remote that visitors often forget they are still in California. As straight as the crow flies, our cannabis thrives in greenhouses which stand just a few miles from some of the most pristine beaches anywhere along the Pacific Ocean.

This is a special area of Humboldt County and we wouldn’t think to grow anywhere else. The soil is rich and the refreshing coastal air invigorates our plants and team alike.


When it comes to sustainable cannabis cultivation, we are leaders in the industry. We care deeply about our environment.

Our 20,000+ sq ft of canopy uses the freely available and abundant light of the ultimate source, the sun. It is what these plants have been accustomed to growing under for thousands of years and, with a fully automated light deprivation system, we control the perfect amount of light required for a consistent crop each and every time.

Our filtered irrigation system is sourced from our rainwater reclamation ponds that fill naturally with each new rainfall.

This sustainable use of light and water ensures equilibrium with our surrounding world. We are the sum of it’s parts and maintaining this balance is as important as the crop we grow.

Working in harmony with the perfect Humboldt climate, our state of the art greenhouses maintain complete control of our growing space. This gives our plants the consistency they love and need in order to mature and bloom.

Being pesticide free is at the core of our values and we are proud to be so. It almost goes without saying that we would never disrupt our unique environment with the use of harmful chemicals. Instead we rely on natural systems such as predatory bugs to control pests that might damage our crop.

We care very deeply about our consumers and the future of our planet. In doing so we continue to take every possible step to ensure the cannabis we produce not only meets, but exceeds all sustainable cultivation standards in the industry. You may rest assured that the end result is the cleanest, smoothest cannabis on the market. Period.

Watch as we give you a quick overview of our facility.


Humboldt is already known as a cannabis cultivator’s paradise, attracting some of the best growers in the world. It is here that we have brought together and developed a team with a true passion for cultivating this amazing plant. Fiercely committed to growing a high quality, sustainable, clean product and with a thirst for continuous improvement in our field. We live and breathe cannabis cultivation.


Smooth was created for the participants in life, not those who simply watch it go by. We believe in a motivated, healthy and balanced lifestyle with high quality products that compliment these principles.

No matter who you are though, we at Smooth understand that life is not always so. We try to help by providing something that is.